Kawasaki JET SKI SX-R


Sxr 1500 thats been babied and not used much in the last few years. MANY handling upgrades and extras. Stock engine so it’s extremely reliable, starts easy EVERY time. When I was younger, I had many stand up skiis and THIS model is way more stable and easier to ride with blistering acceleration and a legitimate top speed of 60 mph (look it up) you can barely hold. $2,460.00 in upgrades.

  • 1500 CC’s 4 stroke easy maintenance engine looks brand new
  • New spark plugs end of last season
  • New battery last season = $100.00
  • Blowsion changed oil season before last
  • TBM longer ride plate with 4 windows keeps you glued to the water & nose down = $450.00 (I’ve tried different ride plates and THIS if the one for this ski)
  • R & D sponsons add even more additional handling and cornering = $460.00
  • R & D Top loader intake grate gets the water in for better speed and handling = $300.00
  • Blowsion convenient Handle bar mounted electric bilge pump just in case (but never needed it since it doesn’t take in water) =$540.00 (parts and labor)
  • Quick turn steering plate makes turning tighter and easier feeling even more natural = $100.00
  • Blowsion green Billet Gas cap = $60.00
  • Lighter spring in finger throttle makes the ski feel VERY light
  • Blowsion handle pole tensioner + Blowsion heavy duty handle pole spring. This is huge, the handle pole is feather light and doesn’t even go all the way down benefiting your arms with much less fatigue. (see pics) I cant express enough, this is HUGE!
  • Factory cover to keep from getting scratched = $200.00
  • Less than normal wear since lower hours on it because we prefer the waverunner these days. Getting old isn’t for weanies. I’m 63
  • Mat on the tray is in excellent shape with no tears or wear at all of any kind and I use riding shoes. THIS is how you tell how much a ski has been used. The mat looks new. These are the first thing to wear out and shows that there is not that many hours on it.
  • New hour meter I just put on it thinking I was going to keep it. = $30.00
  • Custom made “domed” 3d registration numbers that you should be able to keep when you register. VERY cool black & green sparkle gives bling. = $110.00
  • Absolutely NEVER in salt water – ONLY lake riding
  • No trailer included
  • 11,900.00 and its yours.

Not in ANY hurry to sell at all so absolutely no low ballers. If you don’t buy it, somebody else will. These skiis are so popular they are RARELY for sale and very hard to find.


  • Condition / Used
  • Year: 2017
  • Make: Kawasaki JET SKI SX-R
  • Model: JET SKI SX R
  • Category: Stand Up
  • Type: Personal Watercraft
  • Primary Color black
  • Secondary Color white/green
  • Engine Size:1.500