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How Much is a Used Jet Ski? Everything You Need to Know for More Summer Fun

New and Used personal watercraft For Sale. If you’re someone who loves being on the water, there’s nothing better than having a jet ski that you can ride around on. Jet skis are smaller and more maneuverable than larger vessels, like G3 boats, making them an extremely convenient choice.

However, that doesn’t mean that jet skis are necessarily cheap. New jet skis could be expensive, especially when factoring in additional things like insurance and storage. Instead of blowing the bank on a new jet ski, you could find it in your best interest to purchase a used model. Just how much is a used jet ski? Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying used jet skis.

The Cost of a Used Jet Ski

If you’re looking for an answer to, “How much is a used jet ski?” the answer is a bit complicated. Jet skis range in cost from $5,000 to $20,000, making them a much cheaper option than new boat prices.

However, the prices listed are the cost of a new jet ski. The cost of used jet skis could vary considerably based on features and how much the previous owner used them on the water. Statistics show that jet skis depreciate by 22 percent in the first year after having been purchased from a new dealer, and then eight percent per year after that. New and Used personal watercraft For Sale

We’ve included a couple of the most popular 2019 jet skis on the market today. We’ve listed the suggested list price and the average retail price of each model. If you purchase used options of these models, you should pay anywhere from 20 percent – 40 percent less.

2019 Sea-Doo/BRP SPARK 2UP

The SPARK 2UP from Sea-Doo is one of the most sought-after jet skis this year. The product has a suggested list price of $5,400 and an average retail price of around $4,650. This two-passenger jet ski features a longitudinal in-line motor with 60 horsepower. The machine has a fuel-injected carburetion type and meets standard emissions specifications.

2019 Yamaha GP1800

Another jet ski model that you may want to look into is the Yamaha GP1800. This jet ski is considerably more expensive than the option from Sea-Doo. The Yamaha GP1800 has a suggested list price of $14,200 and an average retail price of around $11,900. The three-passenger jet ski comes with a longitudinal in-line jet ski with four cylinders.

2019 Kawasaki SX-R

One of the other most popular jet ski models available today is the Kawasaki SX-R. This model has a suggested list price of $10,000 and an average retail price of around $8,400. This jet ski is a bit different from the others in that it is a one-person stand-up model. It features a V4 engine and a maximum thrust of 957 pounds. The jet ski meets standard emission regulations.

Do You Have to Purchase an Entire Jet Ski Together?

If you’re considering buying a used jet ski, you should know that you may not necessarily have to purchase the entire unit together. For instance, imagine you find a jet ski that is in excellent shape but needs a new motor.

You could purchase this model and then secure one of the many available used outboard motors for the jet ski. There are plenty of places where you could find used boat motors. You may find that it’s cheaper to purchase the run-down jet ski and a used outboard motor and then piecing them together, as opposed to buying an entirely new jet ski.

If you’re looking to keep costs down when purchasing a jet ski this summer, don’t be afraid to get creative. A bit of innovation could end up saving you considerably when buying your used jet ski. New and Used personal watercraft For Sale

Types of Jet Skis

When shopping for jet skis, you’ll find that there are different models or classes available. The various features of these models help determine the final cost of the jet ski. Typically, there are three different types of jet skis available.


Luxury jet skis are the most expensive. These jet skis are top-of-the-class in terms of performance, offering unrivaled top speeds and acceleration. However, many water enthusiasts find that riding a luxury jet ski is much easier because of how much smoother the ride is. The ride on a luxury jet ski is stable because the hulls are more massive.

When purchasing a luxury jet ski, you’re paying for the look and feel of your ride. You’ll likely notice that luxury jet skis are a bit bulkier and are not as agile as other models. Additionally, a luxury jet ski won’t perform as well when trying to make quick cuts.


Performance jet skis are very close to their luxury counterparts. They offer incredible top speeds and acceleration. However, they are often slimmer and sleeker than luxury jet skis. This makes performance jet skis much more maneuverable when in the water.

Performance jet skis also tend to cost a bit more because of maintenance costs. Many performance jet skis have unique parks, which means servicing the machine can become challenging. So, not only will you pay a bit more upfront for a premium product, but you’ll also likely end up paying in the long run as well.


Recreation jet skis are the most common type available. Not only are these jet skis affordable, but they’re also geared explicitly toward beginner and amateur riders. They tend to have smaller engines and are much easier to handle. These jet skis may not necessarily excel in any one particular category, like performance or maneuverability, but they tend to be excellent options for the average rider.


Another thing you’ll see when evaluating jet skis are the “strokes” of the engine. Today’s new jet ski models all tend to have four-stroke engines, and for a good reason.

In years’ past, manufacturers used two-stroke engines. However, manufacturers eventually realized that two-stroke engines were remarkably inefficient. They burned through fuel quickly, polluting water in the process. They also ended up costing owners considerable money because of the fuel inefficiency.

Depending on how old of a jet ski you’re looking to buy, you may notice some with two-stroke engines. However, you should avoid these engines. You can either purchase a different model or buy this unit and replace the existing two-stroke engine with a more modern option.

Another thing you may have heard about when purchasing jet skis are engine hours. There was a common misconception that manufacturers designed jet ski engines only last a certain amount of time – 300 hours or less. Initially, those shopping for used jet skis would have avoided machines with engines with 300 hours of ride time. New and Used personal watercraft For Sale

However, the ride time doesn’t matter nearly as much as the care of the engine. It’s possible for a jet ski engine to exceed 300 hours if the previous owner took good care of the machine. Similarly, it’s possible for an engine to die after less than 300 hours of ride time if the previous owner treated the machine poorly. When shopping for used jet skis, you should be less concerned about the hours on the engine and more worried about the shape the engine is in.

Other Factors to Consider

One other factor you’ll want to consider with your jet ski purchase is insurance. Insurance may cost more when buying an older model. You should also consider how much maintenance you’re going to have to put into the machine to keep it running.