The 2021 FX HO WaveRunner embodies Yamaha’s engineering excellence, delivering a little bit of luxury and high-end performance, in a highly versatile and practical watercraft.

This model has proven very popular as a fishing platform due to its excellent stability and fuel efficiency. The lightweight, Yamaha patented NanoXcel® hull and deck provide superb stability and handling in all conditions, while the large, 1812cc, High Output, naturally aspirated marine engine delivers extremely smooth acceleration and exhilarating power.

To match its powerful on-water performance, this craft comes packed with Yamaha’s high-end features and innovative technologies to deliver a complete riding experience. Features include a redesigned FX Hull, standard across the FX range for 2021, an industry first 4.3-inch touch screen instrument panel, a massive 166 liters of storage space, and a new multi-mount system which makes for an exciting on-water experience.

2021 Yamaha FX HO – 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: 2021 Yamaha FX HO
  • [do not use] Vehicle Model: fx ho

Naturally Aspirated 1.8 Liter High Output Engine

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

The four-cylinder, 1812cc High Output Yamaha engine and 155mm high-pressure jet pump, deliver the largest water displacement of any craft in its class. This naturally aspirated engine delivers race performance acceleration, high-end speeds, outstanding fuel economy, low noise, and reduced emissions. Where to buy 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

Lightweight NanoXcel Material

Yamaha’s NanoXcel ultra-lightweight, high-strength material reduces the weight of the hull, deck, and liner by 25%, delivering improved acceleration, fuel economy, top-end speed, and handling. The gem-like finish reduces surface tension on the water, for a more agile and responsive ride.

Sport Seat – 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

The sport seat has been designed to comfortably seat up to three people. Separation of the front and rear sections makes maintenance and access to under-seat storage easy.

Connext Touchscreen

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

An Industry-first, all FX models are fitted with a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen instrument panel which provides increased fuel information, drive controls, diagnostics, and screen customization at your fingertips.

Multi-Mount System – 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

Built for the most tech-savvy of riders, the new multi-mount system allows for the easy attachment of third-party action cameras, speakers, GPS, fish-finder, and phone devices.

Electronic Trim

The electronic trim system allows the rider to quickly adjust how high or low the bow sits in the water, improving the crafts overall handling and on-water performance. This system can be engaged for improved cornering, carrying multiple passengers, towing, or in rough conditions.

RiDE Dual Control System

Yamaha’s patented RiDE is the world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system, that makes handling easy, fun, and intuitive. Pull the right lever to accelerate and the left lever to decelerate and for reverse. Release both levers, or in any combination, and the system reacts with precise control.

Tow Hook

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

For additional on-water thrills and spills, all WaveRunners come with a strong tow hook allowing for the secure towing of inflatable tubes, wakeboarders, or skiers.

Integrated Mirrors

Incorporating Yamaha’s trademark compact and edgy design styling, the integrated mirrors not only look good but aid rider visual awareness and safety.

Large Extended Swim Platform

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

Roomy and comfortable, the large extended rear platform is the ideal place for soaking up the surroundings, getting in and out of the water or simply doing nothing at all. The decking platform is fitted with two-tone Hydro-Turf mats for optimum looks, grip and comfort.

Massive 166.6 Liter Storage – 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Ski For Sale

The FX Series WaveRunners come with a massive 166.6 liters of storage. This includes a larger and fully watertight glove box, under-seat storage bucket, rear stern rope storage, and enlarged storage area under the front hood.

What they say

“From the angled bow, to the arching bondline and tapering into a widened fantail with a thickly padded, wider swimstep, the new FX is sleeker and bolder than ever before.”

– Kevin Shaw, Watercraft Journal

“The new deck of the FX Series is aggressive and bold, featuring stylish gunwales and an entire look that is supercar-sleek.”

– Dave McMahon, PowerSports Editor in Chief

Specifications – 2021 Yamaha WAVERUNNER FX HO Jet Skis For Sale

Engine Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.8 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Displacement 1,812cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 86 × 78
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Pump Type Φ155mm axial flow
Fuel Type Recommended Regular Unleaded
Fuel Supply System Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Capacity (liter) 70
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Total Oil Capacity (liter) 5.3
Storage Capacity (liter) 166.7
Rider Capacity 1-3 persons
Length (m) 3.58
Width (m) 1.27
Height (m) 1.23
Dry Weight (kg) 379
Features RiDE® with Traction Control
Connext Touchscreen w/ Security and Drive Control
Drive Control/Low RPM Mode
Fuel Management Information
Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode
Fast Access Buttons (Alarm Mute/Menu Scroll)
Trim System
Steering Adjustment
Watertight Under-seat Storage
Fast Access Stern Storage
Dual Mirrors
Watertight Glove Box
Beverage Holder on Dash
Reboarding Step
Footwell Drains
Multi-Mount System
Custom Cut Two-Tone Deck Mats
Tow Hook
Automatic Bilge
MF Battery
Available Colors White with Torch Red