Yamaha 425 XTO V8

Yamaha Outboard Engine Suppliers in usa

Yamaha Outboard Engine Suppliers in usa. The Yamaha 425 outboard motor features an advanced electronically controlled fuel injection system which provides better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The system also reduces noise pollution by shutting off the engine when it’s not in use.

Main features of XTO Yamaha 425 outboard for sale

  • Extreme Power – 5.6 L • 32-v • 60º V8 • DOHC • VCT
  • Direct injection 4-stroke;
  • Integrated electronic steering system, perfectly combined with the Yamaha Helm Master® system;
  • 300% more thrust from new exhaust system;
  • Reliability – durable, custom-designed crankshaft;
  • Dependability – new robust transmission system;
  • New slim bottom end design with massive gearbox;
  • Dual-chamber oil pump to meet extreme demands;
  • Extremely convenient gear oil change system in water.

The design of the Yamaha 425 HP XTO for sale is based on the concept of freedom. The goal was to create a machine that would be as easy to use as possible, with the most intuitive controls, so that operators would have more time for their work and less time spent dealing with equipment.

Yamaha Outboard Engine Suppliers in usa – get the outboard XTO 425 V8 price

The XTO outboard from Yamaha is a high-performance, high-efficiency workhorse that has been designed to outperform and outlast any other machine in its class with reasonable weight:

  • X (25″): 442 kg
  • U (30″): 453 kg
  • E (35″): 463 kg

The 425 XTO price is a powerful, lightweight, and fuel efficient four-stroke outboard engine that is designed for the boating enthusiast. This industry-first outboard engine features a compact design, innovative water cooling system and variable valve timing to deliver power when you need it most.

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