Custom Inflatable Jet Ski


Are custom inflatable jet skis durable and safe?

Yes! We use high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for families and made to last. Also, use a proper life vest when in the water. Do not let children play in the water unsupervised.

Do you offer designing services for an inflatable jet ski?

We use high-quality materials and a UV-protective coating that keeps your design fresh and vibrant. We also offer eco-friendly options that help show your customers your commitment to the planet.

How do I maintain and store an inflatable jet ski?

It’s easy! Simply deflate it when you’re done, roll it up, and keep it in a climate-controlled area. As with all inflatables, avoid sharp objects and extreme temperatures.

How long will my custom inflatable jet ski take to make?

Most of our inflatable jet ski projects are completed in about 2 weeks, but your project may take longer depending on the complexity of your design and our seasonal demand. Get started today to get an accurate timeline based on your project!