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Where To Buy Cheap Outboard Engine For Sale. Your boat voyages can be drastically improved with a Yamaha Marine outboard motor. This handy upgrade packs a powerful punch, allowing you to cruise across the waterways at a thrilling speed.

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If you are considering a Yamaha Marine outboard motor among other brands, you’ll want to know the perks of picking a Yamaha motor.

MARINE DEALERSHIP AVAILABILITY – Where To Buy Cheap Outboard Engine For Sale

Even the highest quality products eventually get worn down and need repair from a professional. Fortunately, there are over 2,000 Yamaha service dealers ready to help. It’s easy to find a trusted dealer, to keep your outboard motor running well near your home. If you travel out-of-town, you will have easy access to help nearby.


Yamaha is almost synonymous with reliability—and that extends to their outboard motors as well. The company made their first outboard motors in 1958. They’ve spent decades improving and perfecting their products, which means you’ll get a cutting-edge product.

But don’t just take our word for it. Everywhere you turn is someone praising Yamaha outboard motors. FishTalk Magazine called the Yamaha F150 “one of the most reliable four-stroke outboards ever produced”. The Miami International Boat Show awarded Yamaha the “2019 Innovation Award”. The list of accolades goes on and on.

IMPRESSIVE QUALITY – Where To Buy Cheap Outboard Engine For Sale

Each Yamaha outboard motor offers excellence. Enjoy many advantages such as a long lifespan, heart-pounding performance, and budget-saving fuel efficiency.


There are many high quality Yamaha Marine outboard motors on the market. You’ll want to narrow the search a bit before you start comparing models.


The three common fuel type options are gas, electric, and propane. Gas is the most popular choice due to its lower price point and ability to reach higher speeds. Electric and propane models are better for the environment and create less pollution. The right fuel type for you depends on your priorities.

DECIDE THE IDEAL SIZE – Where To Buy Cheap Outboard Engine For Sale

Yamaha outboard motors come in various sizes. Larger options will offer more power, but they are harder to handle. Smaller options offer reduced performance but also a reduced price tag.

Be sure to take into account:

  • Your boat’s size. You don’t want to get a massive motor for a tiny fishing boat or a compact motor for a towering ship.
  • Your power needs. Try to get the power you need without paying for what you don’t.
  • Your boating experience level. Advanced boaters can make the best use of larger motors while newbies will likely want to stick with smaller options.

It’s also important to consider portability. Some Yamaha outboard motors are more portable than others. Some folks want to use the motor occasionally and need it to be easily moved from storage to the boat and back again. For example, fishing enthusiasts who sometimes want the extra boost and sometimes want to just use oars. If portability is important to you, be sure to make that a priority in the search.


Explore Yamaha outboard motors on the market and you’ll find a wide variety of power potential. Models can range from 2.5 to 425 horsepower! Some also include perks such as jet drive and high trust options.

Higher horsepower generates faster speeds. But it also reduces fuel efficiency and control. Plus it can be harder on the equipment. Pick the power potential that best strikes a balance for your boating lifestyle.

CHOOSE WHICH FEATURES AND ACCESSORIES – Where To Buy Cheap Outboard Engine For Sale

Yamaha Marine outboard motors can come with many different perks. Common features include Helm Master SetPoint and touchscreen display. Common accessories include LCD displays, gauges, controls, and switch panels. Think about which features and accessories will most boost your voyages, then invest your budget accordingly.

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