Some big changes are sweeping through the outboard engine market this year

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Used Outboard Engine For Sale in USA Best Shop. Few engines work as hard over their lifetime as a boat’s outboard engine. Hours of work at high revs pushing a boat through a range of conditions in a highly corrosive environment can tire even the most well-maintained marine powerplant over time.

Things have changed over the years, though, with modern outboard engines able to give years of steady, reliable service. It makes sense, then, to regularly update your powerplant to ensure it is working at its best as the people who make them roll out running improvements on performance, emissions and fuel efficiency.

Data shows that over time, outboard engines have become increasingly more fuel efficient and cleaner. Since 2000, the US-based National Marine Manufacturers Association claims outboard engine emissions have reduced by 90 per cent.

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Part of this cleaner image is due to a shift away from two-stroke technology by mainstream outboard engine makers, with only one manufacturer – BRP, the former maker of Evinrude outboard engines – persisting with the oil-injected engines.

Meanwhile, advances such as variable valve technology and direct fuel injection, both adopted from the automotive world, have helped to reduce fuel use by up to 40 per cent compared with 2000.

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Outboard engine technology now appears to be at a turning point, with alternative fuels starting to gain traction as boating’s reliance on the shrinking global supply of fossil fuels forces manufacturers to seek alternatives.

The most visible at the moment is battery-fuelled technology, with Mercury the first global outboard engine maker to also start producing electric outboard motors under the Avator name.

Diesel outboard technology is also on the rise via companies such as Oxe and Cox, with the latter even teasing it will consider adding a diesel-electric hybrid system later in 2023 that can even fully power the boat via electrons rather than hydrocarbons.

Technology transfer

But outboard engines are now much more than just a means of pushing a boat through the water. Joystick control systems and even low levels of autonomy are changing the way that skippers connect with their boats, making life on the water much easier and far more intuitive.

This ranges to everything from systems that can hold a boat at station at the press of a button, to engines that can automatically trim themselves to run at an optimum speed, and even increase revs while turning to maintain a constant speed.

These innovations are slowly trickling down from high-performance engines into the mid-performance engine range.

This year is likely to see other big leaps in innovation as outboard engine makers and marine electronics groups try and outdo each other with products that are more in tune with their owners’ needs than ever before.

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It’s been tough times for some boat owners as the hangover from the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit the supply of particularly larger outboard engines that are still in high demand.

The effect has been worse for anyone looking to repower a boat, as most of the outboard engine production over the last two years has been snapped up for the new-boat market.

However, all the signs are showing that things are starting to return to normal, with global engine production now able to start and service the repower market.

If ever there was a time to consider buying a new engine for your boat, this could be it.

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