Mistakes Made By New Jet Ski Owners: 9 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming

Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming. As a jet ski owner, you own something that provides hours of endless fun. But, if you’ve just started looking to purchase a jet ski or recently got your hands on your first ever jet ski, then there’s a lot you need to know before taking it out!

Below, you’ll find all the common mistakes made by new jet ski owners, so you learn to avoid them: 

Driving your machine without learning how

Riding a jet ski isn’t like riding a bike – you can’t just hop on board and hope you’ll get the hang of it. If you’ve never driven anything on the water before, then it will feel so weird to you. Even if you have, a jet ski is very different from a boat. As such, spend time learning how to drive your machine before you go all out.

Take time to figure out how you use the throttle, how you change your speed, and how you use your reverse or braking system. Look at YouTube videos or search Google to see what all the different buttons and switches do, and what the various modes mean. It’s easy to get carried away and set out as soon as you’ve purchased your jet ski, but it’s worth it to spend time learning before!

Not paying attention to no-wake zones – Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming

As a beginner, most likely, you have no knowledge of different signs and how to conduct yourself on your jet ski. Therefore, when you see something that says ‘no-wake zone, idle speed’ it probably means nothing to you. So, you crank up your new ski and zoom through. 

The problems with this are two-fold. For one, a no-wake zone means you have to lower your speed and idle through the zone, so you don’t cause a wake that disturbs docked watercraft and boats. Secondly, these zones are usually close to the docks and filled with other people and machines. So, it’s dangerous to speed through. As such, make sure you pay attention to no-wake zones when you’re driving your jet ski. 

Riding too close to things/people

It’s crucial that you keep your distance when driving your jet ski. Even a used jet ski that’s a decade old will be very powerful. All it takes is one slip up to cause an accident. Stay far away from docks, swimmers, and other people on jet skis. Most lakes have a 100 foot rule. Meaning you must be at idle speed if you are 100 feet or less from other boaters, docks, and land. This rule is for your benefit. Remember, you’re a beginner, so the chances of you making slight mistakes is high. 

Not caring for your jet ski – Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming

Regardless of whether you have a brand new or used jet ski, to get the most out of it you need to take care of it when you aren’t using it. Two big mistakes are not tying up your jet ski and not covering it when it’s docked. Forgetting to properly tie it up causes many problems. Your ski could come untied and end up in the middle of the lake. If it says tied up, it can smash against the dock causing damage to the bumpers and possibly the fiberglass. Make sure to ensure your ski is tightly tied with bumpers in between the dock and the jet ski. Not covering it will cause sun damage that basically ruins your jet ski cosmetically and leads to expensive repairs or replacements. 

Forgetting to service your jet ski

Would you forget to service your car? Of course not, yet lots of first-time jet ski owners decide to neglect to maintain their new machines! Regardless of when you bought your jet ski or how old it is, you need to service it once a year at least. This ensures the oil is still in good condition, all the parts are working well, and there’s no danger in using it. Most major motor issues arise due to jet skis not being serviced regularly.

For those of you that live in cold climates, it’s vital that you take your jet ski in for winterization as well. Winterization prevents water and fluids in the motor from freezing. Freezing fluids in the motor could leave you in need of a new motor.

Neglecting the batteries

Most of us will go through long periods where the weather is too cold to use your jet ski. When you don’t use yours, the battery will eventually go flat and die. A big mistake is neglecting the batteries and forgetting to keep them charged. If you continue t

I suggest using a simple battery tender to keep yours in perfect condition. Then, when it’s time to head out to the water, your jet ski is primed and ready. 

Sucking up sand, dirt, rocks, etc. – Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming

Jet skis essentially have the power of industrial vacuum cleaners. In essence, they have a tendency to suck loads of stuff up from the floor of oceans, lakes, and rivers – if you’re not careful. Avoid using your jet ski in shallow water as this is how you suck up rocks, sand, and loads of other debris. Everything you suck up runs through the wear ring, impeller, and pump before exiting the ski. 

Instead, walk your watercraft out to deeper water before starting it. Also, make sure to idle in shallow water and cut the motor off completely when you approach shallower water.This should help avoid any accidental suction. 

Not having registration numbers

When you use your jet ski, you must apply for registration numbers and clearly display them. Think of it as your license plate, and you can’t technically use your machine without them. There are police on the water, and you will get pulled over. You have about 30 days after purchasing your personal watercraft to get the registration numbers. In the meantime, make sure to keep a copy of your bill of sale on board just in case.

Forgetting all your gear – Used Jet Ski For Sale In Wyoming

Finally, don’t forget all the gear you need to have with you. It’s not like a boat, you must wear your life jacket at all times, and make sure you’ve covered in sunscreen to avoid a mean life jacket tan. Also, don’t forget your phone; you’ll need it in case you get lost or have an emergency. We recommend keeping it in the glove box of the ski in a waterproof pouch. 

So, if you’ve just bought your first ever jet ski, then make sure you don’t make all of these common mistakes. Learn from the errors of other people so you can stay safe and keep your machine in the best possible condition! Most importantly, the more you know, the more you can enjoy your new personal watercraft!

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