How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost? 2023 Jet Ski Price Chart

Jet Ski For Sale In Vermont - Buy Cheap Jet Ski

Jet Ski For Sale In Vermont – Buy Cheap Jet Ski. A new jet ski will cost anywhere from $6,000 to $21,000 depending on the engine, body, and features you intend to buy.

The average cost of a jet ski is about $13,800.

The cheapest jet ski is the Sea-Doo Spark 60HP at $5,999. The most expensive jet ski is the Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex at $20,999.

Jet ski prices don’t include taxes, fees, and a trailer. Therefore, I’ve included a calculator in this article to help you understand what a jet ski will cost altogether. Jet Ski For Sale In Vermont – Buy Cheap Jet Ski Online

2023 Jet Ski Price Chart

Sea-DooSpark 2UP 60HP$5,999
Sea-DooSpark 3UP 90HP$7,299
Sea-DooSpark 2UP 90HP iBR$7,699
Sea-DooSpark Trixx 2UP$8,199
Sea-DooSpark 3UP 90HP iBR$8,299
Sea-DooSpark Trixx 3UP$8,799
YamahaEX SPORT$8,899
YamahaEX DELUXE$9,999
YamahaEX LIMITED$10,599
Sea-DooGTI 130$10,699
KawasakiSTX 160$11,399
Sea-DooGTI SE 130$11,499
KawasakiSTX 160X$11,999
YamahaVX DELUXE$12,099
Sea-DooGTI SE 170$12,099
YamahaVX CRUISER$12,499
Sea-DooWAKE 170$12,899
YamahaVX CRUISER HO$13,299
KawasakiSTX 160LX$13,699
YamahaVX LIMITED$13,699
Sea-DooGTX 170$13,999
Sea-DooGTR 230$14,099
YamahaGP1800R HO$14,199
Sea-DooFISH PRO SCOUT$14,299
Sea-DooGTX 230$14,999
YamahaVX LIMITED HO$14,999
YamahaFX HO$15,399
YamahaGP1800R SVHO$16,499
YamahaFX CRUISER HO$16,699
Sea-DooRXP-X 300$16,799
Sea-DooExplorer Pro 170$16,799
Sea-DooFISH PRO SPORT$17,299
Sea-DooGTX 300$17,499
Sea-DooWAKE PRO 230$17,499
KawasakiULTRA 310X$18,299
Sea-DooRXT-X 300$18,799
YamahaFX SVHO$18,899
Sea-DooGTX Limited 300$18,899
KawasakiULTRA 310LX-S$19,299
YamahaFX CRUISER SVHO$19,399
YamahaFX LIMITED SVHO$19,999
KawasakiULTRA 310LX$20,299
Sea-DooRXP-X Apex 300$20,999

Jet Ski Pricing Calculator – Buy Cheap Jet Ski in Vermont

How much should you pay for a jet ski can get confusing fast. To help I’ve created a pricing tool that you can play around with and give you a general idea.

NoteThis calculator is for “playing-around” purposes only. The actual values will vary from dealership, location, time of year, and even your creditworthiness if you finance. Contact your local dealer to get exact quotes.

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