Sterling Power AMPS LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries 12V


  • Longer runtime – ability to hold voltage higher for longer allows you to get extended use of advanced features such as spot lock, autopilot and much more. Why use two when 1 will do!
  • Lightweight – Less than half the weight of a comparable Lead based battery
  • Longer Lifetime – more cycles means cost effective cost per cycle breakdown
  • Faster charging – get up and going faster with latest in Lithium technology
  • Charge on the go or on the tow with the latest in charging technology from Sterling Power
  • B2B Charger allows you to charge on the go from your engines alternator and top up when moving between spot – Draws less than tuna tube pump!
  • Due to the nature of lithium batteries it is not recommended to run the motor above 80% for extended periods or follow manufacturers guidelines for use with lithium