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Outboard Motor For Sale In Oregon. The right outboard can help unlock your boat’s full potential. It’ll help you get to where you need to go and provide the power for all your summertime fun. We’ve created the following buyer’s guide to help you find the right match for your needs. When you are ready to shop outboards for sale, visit Enns Brothers. We have nine dealership locations throughout Manitoba, serving Winnipeg, and also one location in Kenora, Ontario.

What Horsepower Do You Want?

A great place to start is determining the horsepower you want. The horsepower will affect the efficiency of your boat and its ability to engage in watersports activities. You don’t necessarily want to get the highest amount you can afford. Instead, you’ll need to get the right level for your boat size.

Outboards that are too much for a boat can result in damage to the frame and transom. Outboards that aren’t powerful enough for the boat will make it hard to cover the distance you want in a reasonable amount of time. You need a good middle ground of power.

To determine the right horsepower level, review your owner’s manual or the National Marine Manufacturers Association Certification Plate in the stern of your boat. It’ll let you know your boat’s horsepower so you can find the right outboard.

Fuel Efficiency – Outboard Motor For Sale In Oregon

Fuel efficiency among outboards has improved as technology has brought on more innovation. The emergence of direct injection in outboard engines has lead to more power, cleaner emmissions, and increased fuel economy. Direct injection is also used by most major car manufacturers as a component of their engines, so you’ll be able to trust that the absolute best technology is being used to make your boating experience better – for you and the environment.

Perform Maintenance

These engines are often very low-maintenance, which saves you both time and money! It is still important to keep them in good working order, though, so don’t put off essential maintenance tasks.

Make sure that you keep your fuel tank filled up so that moisture doesn’t have a place to condense when your boat is not in use. This can corrode the interior of your gas tank. Add a fuel stabilizer to keep your gasoline from separating, especially if you’re using ethanol-blended gasoline. Buy Outboard Motor For Sale In Oregon

You’ll also want to inspect your propeller often to check for dents and chips that may do damage at higher speeds. The hoses and fittings of your motor also need to be properly attached to pull cool water through your engine so it doesn’t burn up.

Ready to shop outboards for sale? Visit our shop for a range of options. Our friendly staff can assist you in finding the ideal match for your boat.

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