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Efoil Electric Surfboard For Sale USA

Efoil Electric Surfboard For Sale USA. The Lift from Lift Foils was the first commercial eFoil to hit the market in 2018. It impresses with its robust and simple construction.

Update: Very soon there will be a LIFT4.

Whether beginner or pro, the different board sizes and wing variations offer a great riding experience for all. Since the motor is mounted higher on the mast, the Lift Foils wings can also be used for foil boards without a motor.

The Lift 3 can be equipped with a light sport battery (up to 60 minutes run time) or the large full range battery (up to 100 minutes run time). We recommend the large battery.

LIFT EFOILS | Efoil Electric Surfboard

The board itself comes in different sizes and two different materialsFiberglass and carbon fiber.

The Lift 3 F is the cheaper fiberglass version and is suitable for beginners. This board is available in two sizes: Cruiser (5’4) and Sport (4’9) and two colors: Vermilion red and Seafoam Green.

The Lift 3 made of Carbon Fiber is lighter and more robust. The Lift 3 comes in four sizes: Explorer (5’9), Cruiser (5’4), Sport (4’9) and Pro (4’2) and three colors: White, Blue and Black.

We don’t recommend the black board because it heats up too quickly in the sun.

Lift 3 specs | LIFT EFOILS | Efoil Electric Surfboard For Sale USA

Lift 3 specs
  • Ride time up to 100 minutes (large battery)
  • Bluetooth remote control with black and white display
  • Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber models
  • 4 board sizes

Lift 3 accessories

Hand Controller
  • Hand Controller
  • ODU data cable
  • eBox (ESC)
  • Batterie Box

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