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Buy SUBLUE WHITESHARK NAVBOW PLUS. Sublue introduces WaveShark Navbow Plus, the most advanced underwater scooter designed to give you the ultimate diving experience. The cutting-edge technology of Navbow+ provides a smart and safe diving experience, unmatched in its class, making it the perfect choice for divers who seek power, speed, and safety in their underwater adventures.

Sublue WhiteShark NavBow Plus Highlights

WhiteShark Navbow Plus Technical Specifications. Buy SUBLUE WHITESHARK NAVBOW PLUS

DimensionsL 486 xW 327 xH 177 mm
ColorPhantom gray / Flame orange
Battery weight1100g
Depth40m (131ft)
SpeedFree: 1 m/s (2.24 mph), Sport: 1.5 m/s (3.36mph), Turbo: 2 m/s (4.47 mph)
Battery LifeUp to 75 minutes
Temperature accuracy± 2
Depth accuracy±0.5 m
MapGlobal map position and search
CompassDigital compass
Maximum storage item60 items
Maximum storage duration1 hour/item
Interface2 universal mounting points (which can be mounted balance weights, sports cameras, photography platform)
Accessories (Included)Balance weight bracket & Balance weights x 3;
D-ring buckle;
Single hand operation lanyard;
Anti-lost lanyard;
Sublue faster charger
Optional accessoriesNavbow Explore kit (included photography platform, waterproof LED lights, waterproof smartphone case and other connecting components);
Photography platform Diving cross strap;
Waterproof backpack;
Waterproof LED light;
Selfie extension stick


How fast can Navbow+ reach?

Navbow+ has three speed gears: Free for low speed up to 1.0m/s, Sport for medium speed up to 1.5m/s, and Turbo for high speed up to 2.0m/s. Your navigation speed may be affected by factors such as water temperature, depth, flow, and your equipment setup.

How long is the Navbow+ battery life?

The battery life varies based on usage, environment, and user factors like height and weight. The 158wh battery can last up to 75 minutes under normal conditions.

How many speed gears does Navbow+ have?

Sublue’s Navbow+ Underwater Scooter features three speed gears – “free”, “Sport”, and “turbo”. The “free” gear is the default setting, but when the power drops below 50%, it’s recommended to switch between “free” and “Sport” modes in order to conserve energy.

How does Navbow+ speed switch?. Buy SUBLUE WHITESHARK NAVBOW PLUS

You can change the speed in two ways. First, push the multi-function button switch forward for half a second and release it. Second, press both hands on the start button to keep the equipment running. After releasing the right-hand start button, quickly press it twice with an interval of about 0.45 seconds and then hold it. This only works in both hands mode.

Does Navbow+ have a low battery reminder?

Yes, when the battery power is less than two grids, the battery power icon on the display screen will flash continuously and quickly, and vibrate and remind 3 times.
When the battery power is less than one grid, the battery power icon on the display will flash continuously and quickly, and vibrate for 6 times.

What is security lock mode?. Buy SUBLUE WHITESHARK NAVBOW PLUS

When the safety lock mode is activated, the equipment will not operate. The safety lock icon will be displayed on the screen during this mode. To resume equipment operation, you must first unlock it through the Blue-Go app.

Why does it feel that the thrust is very small sometimes?

To ensure optimal performance, please inspect the propeller for any foreign objects before use. It is important to note that the thrust may vary between the high and low speed gears. We recommend selecting the appropriate gear based on your usage mode, environment, height, and weight to maximize the efficiency and experience of the Navbow+.

How do you know how much power Navbow+ has left?

When you turn on the multi-function dial switch, you’ll be able to see the current remaining battery power on the OLED screen in real time.

How long can the battery be fully charged?

The 98wh battery can be fully charged in approximately 2.5 hours, while the 158wh battery requires approximately 3.5 hours for a full charge.

How to install counterweight column to adjust buoyancy?

To achieve optimal buoyancy with your WhiteShark Navbow+ underwater scooter, we recommend the following steps:
1. First, install a single counterweight column into the middle jack.
2. Completely submerge the equipment in the water and allow it to fully exhaust.
3. Check the buoyancy state to ensure it meets your desired expectations.
4. If the buoyancy does not meet your expectations, increase the counterweight column up to achieve your desired result.
By following these steps, you can ensure that your WhiteShark Navbow+ provides the ideal buoyancy for your underwater adventures.

Can I carry an extension?. Buy SUBLUE WHITESHARK NAVBOW PLUS

The WhiteShark Navbow+ Underwater Scooter features a conveniently designed standard GoPro camera bracket located below the front end of the product, as well as a 1/4″ underwater equipment installation hole located above it. This allows for easy expansion of equipment, providing divers with enhanced versatility and convenience during their underwater explorations.

Can the WhiteShark Navbow+ take a camera?

Although the WhiteShark Navbow+ may not come equipped with a built-in camera, rest assured that we have thoughtfully provided a carrying interface for you. This allows you to easily attach and utilize GoPro and other sports cameras to capture stunning underwater moments.

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