Fliteboard Price. Where To Buy It?Best fliteboard shop online in usaFliteboard Price. Where To Buy It?

Best Fliteboard Shop Online In USA

Best Fliteboard Shop Online In USA. One of the biggest trends in the world of surfing in recent years has been the introduction of electric surfboards. Some of the brands like Fliteboard have introduced these wing boards’ models to the market. The best thing is that the Fliteboard price isn’t exorbitant.

They have created the eFoil Fliteboard, adding a wing to the bottom of the board to provide more support and speed, making even ordinary wave’s fun to surf.

At SHOP® Luxury Toys we are excited to make the best Fliteboard price available to surfers, professionals and amateurs. This new electric surfboard will allow you to do without the waves thanks to an engine that generates the thrust you need to enjoy all the adrenaline linked to this sport. 

If you want to enjoy the sensation of flying over the water, we recommend you try the eFoil Fliteboard. You will be able to go wherever you want, no matter if there are no waves or wind in your favor.

If you want to know more about the Fliteboard price an his advantages, visit our SHOP®. We will tell you everything so you can start enjoying a unique experience on the best flying surfboard.

Fliteboard Models – Best Fliteboard Shop Online In USA

The Fliteboard is very similar to other wing boards available on the market, with one important difference. At the bottom, is the small propeller that is activated with the help of the built-in motor. With the help of the remote control, the surfer can control the power with which he will start the propeller.

This electric board can reach a speed of almost 25 mph, and it’s Fitecell battery allows prolonged use of up to 90 minutes. This allows you to use it for up to 15.5 miles, depending on factors such as the surfer’s weight and the water conditions.

hydrofoil fliteboard

You can adjust the speed of the Fliteboard with the help of the wireless remote control. This device, called Flite Control, is waterproof and fits on the surfer’s wrist to prevent loss. It has an OLED screen where you can see the speed, the battery status, and the distance you’ve traveled. 

You can adjust the performance of this electric surfboard according to your needs by selecting one of the 35 different preset profiles. We want to emphasize that you can update the control software to improve its efficiency and functionality.

The Fliteboard comes in different models that have the same configuration but vary in aspects such as the battery, color, mast, and type of charger. We present them to you below.

Fliteboard Air Price

The Fliteboard Air is the most elegant model in this line, with its 60 cm long mast, and its white color. It is ideal for beginner surfers who try an electric surfboard for the first time, for that reason it is the model used in electric surf schools, like ours at SHOP®, which is the first school of Fliteboard eFoil in USA.

fliteboard air

It is also an ideal toy to have on your yacht and enjoy a good surfing session, even without waves or wind. You can use it at cruise speed to explore or set it to flyer mode to go faster and enjoy all the adrenaline.

The price of the Fliteboard Air is also $13.855, $550 for fairly used and it includes a travel bag and its charger, among other accessories. Also, at SHOP® we offer you a 12-month warranty with your purchase.

Fliteboard Price – Best Fliteboard Shop Online In USA

The Fliteboard is the first model of this USA brand of electric surfboards. It is also easy to maneuver and to transport to provide more comfort and confidence to first-time surfers. It as a capacity of 70 liters, and the ideal volume to improve the stability of the surfer and minimize falls.

how much it costs

The Fliteboard cost $13.855, and the price includes all the accessories you need to fly over the waves without any problems; among them, we can mention the mast and the remote control to control the speeds.

Fliteboard PRO price

If you are an experienced surfer who wants to ride the waves on an electric surfboard, the Fliteboard PRO is for you. We put at your disposal this luxury toy for only $13.855, and we include educational videos in your purchase so you can learn everything about this equipment.

Keep in mind that in SHOP® you can buy any of the models of the Fliteboard eFoil separately, that is to say, the boards and the accessories independently.

Where to buy a Fliteboard?

In SHOP® Luxury Toys, we have all the Fliteboard models waiting for you. You can find us in Barcelona and Ibiza, or you can contact us through our website to make the purchase online. We also offer you these flying surfboards for rent, and we have a school where we teach you how to take full advantage of them.

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